Problem Definition: to create and develop a sequential narrative around the change of character in a situation and environment.
Illustration #1: for the first illustration I wanted to show the family embracing in a big family hug because I wanted to highlight that the father in the next two illustrations is a family man and is very close with his family. Adding the yak further highlights that this family lives on a farm. For colour, because this takes place in the Himalayas, I added a cool blue filter overlay on top of the image, with the addition of yellow highlights to add a bit of warmth and atmosphere.
Illustration #2: for the second illustration I gathered reference shots with my friend next door to really capture the pose of the man hunkered over his gun ready to shoot. I chose to place the mother snow leopard in the distance approaching her kill. Similarly to illustration #1, I added a blue overlay to capture the temperature of the climate, with the addition of sunlight rolling over the distant rocks.
Illustration #3: and last but not least, illustration #3, though similar to the previous one in terms of composition, this one is where the shift takes place, the moment when the man decides not to shoot the mother snow leopard. I kept these last two illustrations similar because the shift is so subtle and I wanted most of the storytelling to come from how the man decides to lower his gun, watching as the mother and her cub's feast on his homegrown yak. His body is slightly turned towards the viewer suggesting that he is ready to head back home to his loving family.
December 3, 2021