The yellow-toned mountains represent the gold that Robert sought out, and they gradually dissipate as the panels move to the right, symbolizing when he reminisces about going back to the Yukon. The piece then becomes less and less about the gold and more about the beautiful landscape for which Robert has fallen.
The ice spikes and cracked ice represent both the harsh environment and the destruction of the land, with the additional meaning of Robert’s persistence to still have the desire to go back.
The northern lights represent the appreciation that Robert has developed for the Yukon, as well as the spell that this beautiful landscape has cast upon him. The northern lights move from an emerald green into a luscious pink representing the love and respect that Robert gained for the landscape. These beautiful northern lights also symbolize ribbons of memory of when Robert was reminiscing about going back to the Yukon at the end of the poem.
February 1, 2022