The goal of this project was to create and explore the conceptual and narrative potentials of culture, costume, and setting.
The concept for my piece is a hunter becoming the hunted.
Incorporating the basics of a Western hunter, I researched what clothes they would wear, as well as adding a pelt on the butt of the horse to further emphasize that the character is out hunting.
The hunter is presented crouched next to their horse, very vulnerable, using their scope to see into the distance, unaware of the danger that lurks behind. Their horse, an animal with heightened senses, detects the cougar behind the trees. The horse’s head is turned to the left, highlighting it sensing the danger.
For the technical aspect of my piece, I used a blurred effect to allow the viewer to focus on the main characters and to create a sense of depth. For the colour, I decided to use a red overlay to add a menacing and dangerous ambiance to the piece.
October 24, 2021