For these two short 15-second videos I chose to use the brand LUSH because I am a huge fan of their products and because time was crucial. I figured I could do something very creative to just a simple bath bomb, yet still manage to create something very complex and visually interesting.
Through the use of turbulent displacement, I distorted the water and texture layers to create a very water-like effect, as well as give it some life. I also happened to use the same effect on the bath bomb but in a very different way. By distorting the bath bomb to the maximum I wanted it to appear as if it were dissolving into the water beneath it. Similarly, I used the same effect but backward for when the product image keys into the composition.​​​​​​​
To create a smooth and more natural feel to the composition I blended the transitions as smoothly as possible, to give it a stable flow.

March 2020