The goal of this project was to create and explore the conceptual and narrative potentials of light as an agent in storytelling, to innovate on affecting the figure with light in a way that communicates a dramatic effect, and to deepen or enrich the understanding of the character in context.
My piece is about this creature (aka Anxiety) lurking over a girl who has been consumed by her own worries.
To emphasize the dramatic effect of being overwhelmed, I placed the creature over top of the girl. To add contrast, I wanted to make the creature very dark and almost blend into the background, representing the unknown. Instead of smoothing the edges of the creature, I decided to make it look as if it’s a liquid, symbolizing that anxiety takes shape in many different forms. This is prominent in the arms and the hands of the creature. To enhance the sinister feeling of the creature, I angled the eyes while creating a sort of angry manner in the expression of the hollow eyes. I made the girl glow because this shows how anxiety can affect our overall life and mood, dimming the light in our souls.
October 3, 2021